What equipment do you need?

The RØDECaster Pro is one of a number of different solutions for podcasting from RØDE to suit all situations and budgets. From a single microphone to a fully integrated podcast studio, we’ve got you covered.

Help me find the right podcasting solution for my needs

RØDE have a range of solutions for Podcasters, from a single mic you can plug into your PC to a fully fledged production studio. Find out which solutions might work best for you with our interactive solution chooser.

Recommended Product

Broadcaster, AI-1 and PSA1

PodMic, AI-1 and PSA1

i-XLR and Reporter

RØDECasterPro, Procaster and PSA1




VideoMic Me-L

Procaster, AI-1 and PSA1

RØDECasterPro, Broadcaster and PSA1

SC6-L Interview Kit

NT-1 Complete Studio Kit

Podcaster and PSA1


RØDECasterPro, PodMic and PSA1