Bright Dark Productions

Unknown Tape #83 | MY RODE REEL 2019


During the production phase, one of our challenges was to find locations that match the time period of the film, which was the 1980s. Luckily, we lived in a province where it provided just that. We used the NTG2 to record the interrogator and the NTG3 to record the patient & reporter. When recorded with RODE mics, the dialogue came out sounding warm, clean and with minimal noise.

In post-production, we had quite the trouble re-creating the look of a damaged VHS tape because we were unfamiliar with VHS. It took a lot of research and effort to make the film realistic and as if it was from the 80s. We played around with the sound of our dialogue for a long time, EQing, compressing, distorting, adding noise to dirty it up to make it sound pleasantly bad. We also made different kinds of noise and sounds present thru out the film to give it that damaged VHS vibe.

All in all, it was a lot of fun and we learnt so much.


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