Adam Scarlett

Saudade [RØDE Reel 2019] SHORT FILM


The challenge we faced with this film was to capture and tell a character's story, history and change in emotional state all in one take. To do this we chose to use camera movement and syncronised 5 positions on a camera track to determine at what lines of dialogue in the film to reveal narrative information to the audience. This meant a lot of time was spent rehearsing the character, movement of character and camera positions, lighting changes as well as the timing required to get the film under 3 minutes. For me, I wanted the film to showcase an actor's performance in the moment, to give the audience the opportunity to connect deeply with someone in a short amount of time. This is another reason why it was crucial not to cut away from the actor during the take, to keep the audience immersed. We spent an afternoon setting up and rehearsing and captured the film on the third take. We filmed the scene in my kitchen which involved clearing the living area to make room for the track and equipment.


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