Curlyfries Studios

(Re-Upload) Forever Loved - My Rode Reel 2019


This film was... very low budget to say the least - with a shoulder rig made from scooter handles, a diy mic mount/boompole and... no budget (apart from money spent on food coloring and some food). Although there wasn't a huge budget (any really), I didn't let this stop us, instead, I focused on telling a story with a message. A message that I really felt needed to be told, and no matter how much money or gear we had, I was gonna make it.
We used a Canon 7D with a kit 18-135mm Canon Lense and nifty fifty (Canon 50mm f1.8) to capture our film, and a Rode Videomic to record audio (assisted by the Zoom H1 at points).
As for our locations, we had four main locations - a country road, a train station, a city street and a house. We chose these locations carefully as they all contributed to the aesthetic of the film.