Flying Frames Studio

Order Order | MY RØDE REEL 2019 |


Completing Order Order was our first ever experience as a short film. This project was not completed by a one-man army, but with all my enthusiastic friends. Every one of them had suggestions, ideas, and whatnot. We tried to incorporate as much as we could, given the 3 minutes time frame.
The major help was from My Rode Reel Starter Pack. It was the first time I used a shot list and storyboard for filming. Believe me, it helps. A lot.
We used a Sony A7M3 along with a Zhiyun Crane 2 Gimbal.
Our sound needs were fulfilled using the Rode VideoMicro. I purchased it a couple of years back and it is a beast at its job. I am constantly amazed by its performance & tried to use the Rode VideoMicro along with my limited knowledge of sound design.
Location- Moot Court at BVNLC Kolhapur.
We tried to keep this short film dynamic & funny at the same time.

This BTS was shot on OnePlus 6 & a DJI Osmo Mobile 2.