Samuel J Sellers

"A Time And A Place" Official Trailer | My Rode Reel 2019 | A film by Samuel J Sellers


Filmed on location in Devon, England with my the Canon 5D MKIII with the majority of dialogue being recorded with wireless lavalier mics discretely hidden with the great Rode Invisislav. This trailer originally was a 7-minute short film I made recently that acts as the opening scenes for a feature film. You can view the full short film here:

This film is the biggest project I have ever done. After having my idea and doing careful research, I had finished my script and was ready to start planning. This was a large task for me, organising locations, equipment, coordinating all actors and station staff, sourcing and preparing food for all shoot days. Then on the day being a one-man band on many of the roles including; Direction, DP, Camera operator, gaffer etc. But I luckily had someone free to help with sound recording which was great and allowed for the necessity of that to be fully focused on.

This is also my first time working with semi-professional actors which I very, fortunately, managed to find through local theatre companies. Because of all the planning, I knew what I wanted and really enjoyed working with the actors to get the performance. Because they were more used to stage acting it was interesting helping them to transfer to acting for film. The actors also brought great extra aspects to the characters.

I took much inspiration for the writing, cinematography, and colour grading in this from classic older English comedy's like Fawlty Towers, The Importance Of Being Earnest....


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