Rode Reel 2019 Documentary


The production was very run and gun with a two man crew and myself running camera, audio and DIT.

For audio I utilized the Rode Video Mic Pro as reference and backup audio with two Zoom H1 recorders are my primary source. Throughout the trip in Rwanda the Rode Video Mic Pro provided me the opportunity to capture reference audio so I could recreate foley and ambience in post and for run and gun interviews where putting a lav on would take too much time.

Camera wise I used the GH5 along with the SLR Magic 25mm T0.95 to help in low light situations. I chose the GH5 for its form factor and versatility with internal 10bit 422, no recording limit and high frame rate options.

This specific interview I had a two camera setup, a Canon 1DX Mark II on sticks getting a master wide of the interviewee and my GH5 moving back and forth to get profile shots and close ups of the three people during the interview (all handheld using IBIS).

Location was in the Ntarama Memorial Site, which was formally a church and one of the largest massacre sites during the genocide. I used available light as well as a Aputure 672C LED panel as a fill and ambient light.


VideoMic Pro