Devanshu Dodke

MyRodeReel 2019| Pay me double | by Devanshu dodke


Products :- panasonic GH5s, Sigma 18-35mm, samyang 85mm, sonia slider,
Godox 150w & 60w AND Rode Videomic Pro+.

Location :- It's an under-construction building in Nagpur. we had to find a way
to get the electric supply. there was absolutely no light in the

Challenges :- I had 4 people with me. 3 of them were non-professional actors
and one was my friend who does not belong in this field. So, all
the stuff was on my shoulders. I completed shoot in 4 hours as
the location was only available to me for 5 hours. In this hurry i
forgot to take 2 important shots as a result film does look little abrupt.


VideoMic Pro+