The Daughter || My Rode Reel 2017

Ali Afroj Arnab
类别: 喜剧片 剧情片


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The Daughter is a short comedy short film. It was all done within 5 days included the pre-production to the post production work. It was filmed at Queens,New York. The Daughter was directed by young filmmaker Ali Afroj Arnab. Assistant director Alex Arakelov. Starring Md. Mahfuj Ali & Ibtehaj Hassan and fabulous music by Tahsin Sayeed.

Feel free to watch and critique at our work. We love to hear from others and improve our work in future.

Ali Afroj Arnab

Alex Arakelov

Assistant Director

Tahsin Sayeed

Music Composer

Md. Mahfuj Ali

Actor (the Godfather)

Ibtehaj Hassan

Actor (the spy)

The Daughter was filmed on Canon c100 cinema camera. For the lens, we used rokinon 35mm cine lens, rokinon 85mm cine lens, rokinon 16mm cine lens and Canon 70-200 usm IS II lens. We also recorded on the Ninja 2 recorder. For the audio, we used "Rode Videomic Pro" directly to the c100. We also used the "Rode Videomic me" The post production work was done on Adobe Premiere Pro and color graded on DaVinci Resolve. For the music, we used FL Studio 12.5.