"SNAP" - My Rode Reel 2017

Friends' Republic
类别: 恐怖片




What if your web-cam starts to misbehave. Do you have a stalker ?

Friends' Republic

Chinmay Deshpande


Hetan Shah

Director of Photography
Sound Design
Color Grade

Om Bhatt

Lead cast

Kunal Soni

BTS coverage


A horror short film by an independent production called Friends' Republic based in Vadodara, India.

Location: Our Edit room
Camera: Sony A7s II with a 24-70mm F/4 lens.
Microphone: Rode NTG4+ with PG2-R
Recorder: Zoom H4n pro
Editor: Adobe Premiere Pro CC

A tripod and a DIY dolly.

For horror purposes, we chose a wider lens with 'not so shallow' depth of field so that one could see the environment our character is living in and find darker places to observe.

For lighting, we used a small LED light along with a practical lamp and a computer screen. (Which was not really a creative choice but a financial one :p)

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