Tomas Lindqvist / RedDot Filmmakers
类别: 剧情片




Moveón is a short story about a man who cannot get past the loss his wife 2 years ago. His daughter is trying to push him forward to no avail. Only after a serious accident, "dying" and visiting the "after life" does he get the strength to move ahead.

Tomas Lindqvist / RedDot Filmmakers

Tomas Lindqvist

Writer / DIrector

Elena Lindqvist


Peter Teo

1st Assistant Director

Moveón Behind the scenes video.

We will show and compare the PreVis vs actual footage, see behind the scenes footage. Green screen setup etc

Project made by RedDot filmmakers group in SIngapore, shot in two days in office, office parking lot and a beach in Changi area.

The project was shot in RAW on:
Ursa Mini Pro with Sony CInealta PL lenses
Black Magic production Camera 4k with Sigma 17-35mm
Came-TV accordion crane with Ronin stabiliser.
PDmovie wireless follow focus.
IDX Video transmitter
Zoom F8 recorder
Rode NTG3 microphone
Sennheiser wireless microphones
Edited and graded in Davinci Resolve 14b
PreVis done in ShotPro app