My RØDE Reel / MY BODY -Diversity is beautiful

Kira van Eijsden
类别: 纪录片




My Body - diversity is beautiful. is a short documentary about a young women and her way of dealing with type 1 diabetes. She is wearing an insulin pump and this movie gives you the opportunity to have a closer look at it. Every body is different and in diversity lies beauty. The director is looking for answers on how to feel happy and good in your own skin, on how to embrace yourself in this world full of beauty standarts and expectations.

Kira van Eijsden

Kira van Eijsden

Camera Operator
Director of Photography

Jonathan Assenberg

Sound Recordist
Camera Operator

The BTS for MY BODY. Diversity is beautiful shows some behind the scenes material and gives an insight to the sound studio.

We had to use a low budget aproach in terms of equipment and filmed with a DJI Osmo and the Panasonic Lumix DMC-100 in 4k. We downsized the footage to 1080p and edited in Premiere Pro CC 2017. The sound comes from a RØDE NTG4 on a Boompole attached to the Blimp into a ZOOM 4 channel recorder.
The music was written and recorded in Pro Tools and then final mixed in Premiere Pro.