Why I am an Atheist? - 4K - My RODE REEL 2017

Mher Hakobyan
类别: 纪录片 科幻片




This Film is about Atheism, and why my hero is an Atheist, he explains the reason, he talking about the religions problems and advice to read the bible. Hope you will like it.

Mher Hakobyan

Mher Hakobyan


This documentary film Shot with Canon 5DS DSLR and RED Scarlet-X cinema camera, used the slider, Manfrotto Tripods, Rode Microphone NT2-A and Zoom H6 recorder, LED light panels, LED 1500 spot light. grey backgrounds. Backstage camera was Canon 5D mark III with 24-105mm lens and Panasonic AF101E with Lumix 14-140mm lens and Canon 11-24mm f4.0 L with kipon adapter. Hope you will like it.