My RØDE Reel 2017 | The Treasure Map

Colm Haughey
类别: 剧情片 喜剧片


VideoMic Pro


When a teenager finds an aerial map of a hidden waterfall that remains undiscovered, he convinces his younger friend to accompany him on a journey across the country to find it. When his friend questions the motives behind the adventure, a secret is revealed that will change everything!

Colm Haughey

Sean Haughey

Camera Operator

Colm Haughey


The BTS video for our film "The Treasure Map" features the Video Mic Pro as the RODE product.
The film takes place in a cafe but also shows clips from the "hidden waterfall".
It stars Colm and Sean. The film was written, directed, shot and edited by Colm.
Most BTS footage was shot by Sean. The color grading is a big part of the film. The nature shots are colorful and vibrant while the cafe scene is dull and desaturated. When it cuts from the waterfall to the milkshake, sound is a big part in completely taking you out of the "peaceful moment" and into a dull reality.