'My Name Is Earn' // Virtual Reality #myrodereel 2017

Compassion + Panedia Crew
类别: VR 纪录片


Stereo VideoMic Pro


'My Name Is Earn' is the true story of a young girl who was trapped in child labour in Thailand and rescued through her involvement with the Compassion Child Sponsorship Program.

This film was previously exclusively shown in Oculus or GearVR. It is best watched on one of these devices for a full immersive experience into Earn's world.

Compassion + Panedia Crew

Kym Basoka


My Name Is Earn // VR / 360 Video #myrodereel 2017
Directed by Kym Basoka for Compassion Australia
Filmed by Aaron Spence + Carlos Chegado @ Panedia.com

Genre: VR / Documentary

RØDE Gear Used:
Stereo VideoMic Pro
Pop Shield
Deluxe Wind Shield

More Information:
This story was filmed in 360 and designed to immerse youth in Australia into the life of a young Thai girl named Earn. We commissioned Panedia to bring their expertise in VR filming but, we scripted, storyboarded, voiced over and edited this film in house at Compassion AU in Newcastle, NSW. It was filmed with the assistance of the Compassion Thailand office at Phitansulok, Thailand. The original story is 7mins and was shot in 3 days with 4 weeks for pre-production and 2 weeks for post.
We used the Rode Video Mic Pro for BTS of Earn and Mink our Voice over talent as well as the Pop Shield. Panedia use their own modified rigs for the filming of the majority of this VR footage with the exception of a GoPro rig with body mount for the motorcycle scenes.
Earn is now 13 years old and released from poverty and is very diligent in school and is now eligible for a scholarship. Her parents are sporadically in touch with her, but she continues to be a part of the Compassion Child Sponsorship Program and loves getting letters from her sponsors.

Many other teenagers around Australia have been moved to tears after experiencing her story in virtual reality.