NEGATIVE | My Røde Reel 2017

Bright Lyte Productions
类别: 剧情片


Micro Boompole Pro


"NEGATIVE" is an Art-House-Style drama about Sam, a young woman who struggles with PTSD and depression after experiencing a miscarriage.

Shot in a semi-nonlinear format, the film aims to show a moment in the life of those suffering from mental health disorders and self-abuse, as well as how it effects your relationship with loved ones.

Bright Lyte Productions

Brandon Bright

Director of Photography

Allison Kessler


Eric Slodysko


"NEGATIVE" was shot in two days using the Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera, Rokinon Cinema Lenses, with audio through the Zoom H4n using the Rode NTG2 and Videomics.

Day one consisted of the "Beauty shots" on the beaches in and around Cape May, NJ. These scenes are intended to show where Sam wishes to be mentally, in a happy and safe environment, contrasting "THE BOX" which shows that she feels "trapped" in her head.

Day two saw the shooting of the Bathroom, Kitchen, and Box scenes, as well as random B-Roll footage. The intention was to show how an average argument between a couple results in a mental breakdown. The dialogue and themes were partially inspired by the director's own personal experiences with depression.