The Last Goodbye

Without Walls Media
类别: 剧情片




Goodbyes can be a difficult thing. For a farmer, you say goodbye to your wife in the morning before the day begins for most, and often not hello again until the sun has said its own goodbye. For many farmers, a goodbye to this dawn to dusk lifestyle is not an option. You work until you can't work anymore, and when that day comes, and the harsh new reality of aging and deterioration says hello, what is then left? A very different hello every morning, or a Last Goodbye

Without Walls Media

Kristopher Potter

Head Editor

Roland Bingaman

Director of Photography
Assistant Editor

This short film was shot entirely handheld on a Canon C500 at 3 locations. The locations are all surrounding a small town in south central Pennsylvania, which include 2 farms and a farmhouse.
The audio was recorded on a Rode Lavalier microphone.

The film and audio were edited and color graded in Premiere Pro CC 2017.