Medium Good | My Rode Reel 2017

Andrew Kleczek
类别: 纪录片


RØDELink Filmmaker Kit


Chris Robb has been running the tennis program for the Ketchum YMCA in downtown Los Angeles for 30 years. In a few weeks, those courts are closing for good, as the landlord has decided not to renew the lease. This is a brief glimpse at the community that formed, and the lives impacted.

Andrew Kleczek

Andrew Kleczek


Aaron Fitzgerald

Director of Photography

The film was shot on a Sony FS7 and a DJI Phantom 3 Advanced. Out of luck, I was able to bring the FS7 for this shoot, and it worked out great- the slow motion really brings certain parts to life, emotionally. We used the drone to give an idea of the space that the courts occupy- it's very unique, especially for such an open, accessible organization like the Y to such a nice location. And that's probably why they were destined to come to an end. I used the Rodelink wireless lav set to record the interviews, and it worked as advertised.