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Grounded, true to the rule of thirds, encompasses a paralyzed boy's three attempts to contact the cute girl across the street. He is too nervous to approach her, so he uses the drones he obsesses over to reach out to her. However, his efforts are continually thwarted by the girl's overprotective father. It seems the boy may never be able to outsmart him. What will he do?

Behind the scenes of Grounded

This film was shot in one day. The actors worked entirely for free, and I am forever in their debt. We shot on location in Natchez, Mississippi on a hot Saturday. Maggie, the actor playing the daughter, even fainted just before lunch due to the heat. It was a serious workout, as filming no doubt always is, but totally worth it. I really like the idea of filming drones with drones; that was one of the main reasons I decided to do this film. The drone filming was done with the DJI Phantom 3 (luckily we only had one crash that day). Also, I am a fan of turning something that is making you fail into something that makes you succeed (hint hint). Watch the film! I really wanted to stress the idea that you should not hide behind games and toys like drones in order to shy away from human interaction. I had an absolute blast making my first Rode Reel; and thus, I will let the BTS film explain the rest. Thank you everyone and thank you RODE. Please watch and share. It was an eventful four weeks!

p.s. Thank you to my grandmothers for the food and location. This would not have been possible without your help.

Shot in 24p Pro Res 422 HQ
C100 mk ii
Rode NTG2
Atomos Ninja 2
G-Drive ev ATC 1TB for Storage
PluralEyes 4 to sync audio/video
Final Cut Pro X

JJRC H8 Mini quadcopter
Syma X5C
DJI Phantom 3


Micro Boompole

Due South Films

Mark Iles - Director/Writer/Cinematographer

Alex Weadock - Grip

Alex Miller - Script Man/Lighting

Madeline Iles - BTS Shooter

Jay Vaughan - Paralyzed Boy

Maggie Kelly - Daughter

Wade Heatherly - Father