Hold On

Andrew Behm
A young couple works through a trying time in their relationship.

Behind the scenes of Hold On

We shot in an abandoned diner, which didn't have power. In order to shoot, we ran a generator. We also had to rig Kino Flo bulbs along the ceiling to serve as practicals. Surprisingly, the whole shoot went down without a hitch!

We used a Sony A7s with Rokinon Cine Primes. We used a RøDE VideoMic Pro for the reference track, and a RøDE NTG1 with a Zoom H4n for dual system audio.


VideoMic Pro

Andrew Behm

Andrew Behm - Director/Editor

Nicholas Beardslee - Cinematographer/Writer

Andrew Beardslee - Writer/Actor

Briana Girard - Actor

Jonathan Spears - Actor

Trevor Sharnas - Sound Recordist

Kyle Flannery - Camera Assistant

Matheson Allen - Grip