Time for Reason

Bright Glare Pictures
The winner of the presidential race of 2016 has proven to be the worst leader the USA could have. With the world involved in constant warfare and chaos, one man decides to take matters into his own hands, by going back in time and preventing this disastrous event from happening in the first place. Can he build a time machine and travel back in time before the government captures him?

Behind the scenes of Time for Reason

Time for Reason was shot in my house (garage & kitchen). Relying on the Rode NTG-2 and Rode SmartLav for iPhone for audio, my only camera was the iPhone 5s.

The idea of making all the shots in the film be some sort of webcam or security cam, made it easier to shoot, especially with limited resources.

The time machine was a Brother Printer/Fax Machine with a car alarm, timing light gun, and LEDs attached to it.

Every character was played by me.



Bright Glare Pictures

Ian Delgado - Creator