Some Aren't Hunters

Polyphonic Pictures
SOME AREN'T HUNTERS is a story about two misfits transitioning into a happier life. Some aren't Hunters... or are they?

Features Indie the greyhound, and Hunter Gurevich.

Behind the scenes of Some Aren't Hunters

Filmed in Melbourne, Australia on an early Sunday morning; the setup included a Lumix GH4, a Rode Videomic Pro (with a dead kitten attached during outdoor shots), and a Rode smartLav+ (with a Minifur) hooked up to a Zoom H1.

I opted for a more candid, down-to-earth filming and editing style; and worked solo with minimal setup.


VideoMic Pro

Polyphonic Pictures

Agatha Yim - Director

Hunter Gurevich - Self

Indie the Greyhound - Doggy Self