L.I.M.E Train Productions
Alone in her house, a young girl is plagued by unseen tormenters as she tries to regain a hold on her own mental state.

Behind the scenes of Grip

We really wanted to focus on the technical aspect of the film. Lighting was very important to us. We wanted to create a surreal and unsetteling atmosphere with the lighting as well as cinematography. We shot all in one house, all in one day, so the preassure was on. There were several road bumps, such as melting gels on lights, missing props, and tight corners, but every problem was solved. The crew worked togehter so well, and the product of that hardwork is "Grip," and we are very proud of the way it turned out.



L.I.M.E Train Productions

Rachel Simurda - Director and Producer

Soorim Lee - Executive Producer

Braden Swope - Director of Photography

Brody Bogert - Gaffer and Practical Effects

Kendall Huff - Editor

Gavin Conlon - Sound

Ethan Hammock - Behind the Scenes Videographer

Matt Dalton - Writter