Paul Kunad
A homeless man lives in an old factory and gets surprised by 3 young visitors. They are rich, proud citizens and anything but well-disposed.

Behind the scenes of Hopeless

We were using the RØDE VideoMic for recordings at location and the RØDE NT1-A for VoiceOvers and creating sound effects.

Our Location was at the "Gewerbepark Otto-Areal" in Wendlingen, Germany.
Parts of the movie "The Hindenburg" were shot at this location.

Philipp Heinichen composed the fantastic soundtrack for this short film.

The stunts in this short film are performed by a trained professional, don't try this at home!

RØDE-Gear used: RØDE VideoMic, RØDE NT1-A

HOS Anlagen u. Beteiligungen GmbH & Co. allowed us to film at the incredible location in Wendlingen.
The Chevrolet truck was provided by KFZ Service Olma in Kirchheim unter Teck.



Paul Kunad

Philipp Heinichen - Homeless Man

Stefan Schweizer - Knife Expert

Verena Schweizer - Psycho Girl

Guilherme Marinho de Lemos Cordeiro - Leader

Laura Aulton - Radio Speaker

Philipp Heinichen - Soundtrack

Paul Kunad - Cinematography/Editing/Sound Design

Stefan Schweizer/Paul Kunad - Storyboard/Planning/Location-Scouting