Happy Pills

Happy Pills
A film about depression. Attempted Suicide + Anti-Depressants + Death Pill + Low production value = this short film.

Behind the scenes of Happy Pills

The script for HAPPY PILLS was completed the day before shooting, and the decision to use Colin Buckley was made on the spot. A total of 4 people worked on the film. That's it. The band "We is Shore Dedicated" allowed us to use their music, which is awesome and why we credited them. Besides the Rode VC1 (a 10 ft mic cable) nothing was bought for the film. It was shot across 2 days in my house. Until Jared found out about the Rode Reel Contest HAPPY PILLS was supposed to be created over the summer time with a much larger crew.



Happy Pills

Colin Buckley - One and only actor

Jared Cochran - Director

Matt Edlin - Behind the Scenes/Crew

Evan Ocker - Behind the Scenes/Crew