Larry's Granola

Emre Acar
This is a short story about Larry and how he started making granola. Larry is a passionate chef and his food is amazing. I was inspired by his drive to branch out and create something new, interesting and delicious. His granola making was the perfect mechanism which to tell his story, his journey, in getting to this point in his life.

Behind the scenes of Larry's Granola

Honestly, I only found out about this competition about 2 weeks from the cut-off date and I was determined to submit something. I had been thinking about making a video about Larry for a few months and this competition was the catalyst in pushing me to do it. I really wanted this video to feel warm and human.
I used my Sony FS700 with various lenses to shoot Larry's video. Canon EF 24-70 and Sony E mount 18-200 with stabilization. There are some tripod shots as well as some handheld. A couple of Feloni daylight LED panels with tungsten gel + a small LED light accompanied me on the shoot. A friend kindly let me borrow these lights.
A RODE NTG-1 shotgun mic was used for the voice-over and capturing some sync sound. A radio lapel was used to get some of my dialogue in the BTS.
A friend kindly lent me his PMW400 and his time to shoot the BTS with the help of another mate.
The location was the cafe which Larry worked in currently and the owner was kind enough to let us film after-hours.



Emre Acar

Emre - Acar