Hunters for metal

EasyLiving production
Two guys in search of metal in the forest and stumble upon an old spooky house, where they think they can find something worthwhile, but it turns out they are not alone...

Behind the scenes of Hunters for metal

Location: One of the central park in Kiev, Ukraine
Camera: Red Epic with anamorphic UltraScope lens 50 mm.
Motion controllers: Slider, Tripod, Handheld
Sound equipment: RODE NTG2, RODE NT4, Boompole, lapel microphones.
Light: Arri 6k, Arri 2.5k, LED panel, frost, energy generator
Visual effects: Fog machines, Spider wire machine
Editing: Adobe Premiere Pro CC
VFX: Adobe After Effects CC
Color correction: DaVinci resolve 12.5



EasyLiving production

Sergiy Pudich - Director / Producer / Editor / Scriptwriter

Alex Milokost - DoP

Anton Reznichenko - Producer / Gaffer / Administrator / 1st AD

Nikita Bychkov-Andriievskyi - Actor (Dave)

Edgar Vinnitsky - Actor (Wally)

Jenya Panchenko - Art Director

Mariya Alter - Art Director

Oleg Kovalenko - Assistant art director

Alex Shaposhnikov - Assistant art director

Nick Striletsky - Sound Director / Sound design

Nastia Grechkosii - Sound operator

Nik Savinich - Composer

Denis Mechiriakov - Boom operator

Eugen Petrusenko - Technical support

Alisa Pavlovskaya - Camera / Scriptwriter

Andrey Ilyin - Colorist / Production consultant / Scriptwriter

Roma Grushevoy - 1st AC

Irina Fomkina - Make-up artist

Maxim Denysenko - Storyboard / Visual Design

Igor Alekseenko - VFX artist

Alexandra Kovalchuk - Translator

Anton Shpil (Snow Business Ukraine) - Visual Effects on the stage

Eugen Kutsenko - Sparks

Alexandr Korgh - Sparks

Dmitriy Mamtsev - Driver

Igor Ishuk - Helper

"Tutti" (Kiev) - Violin orchestra