DETALLES DE UN CRIMEN ("Details of a crime")

Two girls are kidnapped...
(A short that tells about gender violence)

Behind the scenes of DETALLES DE UN CRIMEN ("Details of a crime")

We filmed with a Sony Nxdcam the video and the sound was recorded with the Rode NTG4+ with a deadcat attached for exteriors, plugged in right to the camera.

We get a Restaurant, the street and an apartment in the Quito - Ecuador, Middle of the World City to do the shots...

So, then we go to rehearsals, and shot... later, we edited with Final Cut and Adobe Premiere CC



Jonathan Sarsoza - Producer, actor, director

Omar Sarango - Photography, Editor

Daniela Castro - Actress

Maria Jose Arroyo - Actress

Mangie Chavez - Actress

Jose Enriquez - Sound

Gonzalo Carvajal - Screenplay

Sara Sarzosa - Assistant Director