4th Kind Entertainment
A public service announcement from Sonic Solutions, a new age pharmaceutical company whose products consist of Medicinal Mp3s that are pirated and abused by addicts. Here, one such addict is about to find that she may have played with fire one time too many.

Behind the scenes of DLC

DLC was shot using a Sony A7sII using a mixture of gelled Lowell lights and practical lights. The Rode NTG2 was used to capture audio for the Sonic Solutions advertisement. We scoured craigslist and the Denver metro area to amass the old televisions that were used. In lieu of a real drug den, we transformed our house into our location. Red walls weren’t exactly what we had in mind, so we found a lot of cardboard, some from the compactors outside of the mall, however a bulk of it was provided by a U-Haul storage facility, specifically large wardrobe boxes that covered a great surface area. The cardboard was painted white and stapled to the wall to later be defaced with graffiti along with artwork provided by Aurora Hels. Pirate’s area required it to be littered with electronics and computers. System 76, a Denver computer company, furnished us with our first bit of set dressing while an electronics recycling facility called SustainAbility was happy to let us grave-rob their cemetery of tech. Our spoils included several old Dell computer towers, broken routers, wires, and a bin full of old motherboards—provided that we return the material once production was complete. The computer towers stood in for Pirate’s “servers” and the motherboards were all mounted on the back wall to look like some kind of jerry rigged computer system. To breathe a little life into the system once it was installed, we wired LEDs generally used for model kits or cosplay using old speaker wire we had lying around.



4th Kind Entertainment

Jason - Producer