Shadow Assailants Episode 2 : Get the Sniper!

Javed Hassam

Shadow Assailants is a very low budget series that we are producing for My Rode Reel competitions and in our free times in Mauritius. In this episode Gabe and Aayan are searching for there friends who are apparently dead but they do not know. On there way a crazy sniper appears and try to kill them. They both have to face him.

Shadow Assailants episode 1 :

Behind the scenes of Shadow Assailants Episode 2 : Get the Sniper!

We were only three persons. It took us one week for the planning of the film, 4 days for creating the soundtracks and sound effects (Using FL Studio) five hours for the shooting, two hours for recording the sounds, three hours for voice recording and one entire week to edit the film.

The film is entirely first person view so we had to do everything right. When we did mistakes during the shooting we had to start from the beginning till the end to make it appear more realistic.

We did not have any budget for the film so we used our available materials. We use A Go Pro Hero 3+, VideoMicro Compact On Camera Microphone and 3 times boompole sections (3/8").

The video was shot in the small Island of Mauritius.



Javed Hassam

Javed Hassam - Writer, director, Graphics Designer video editor, special effects, sound composer, sound effects, actor

Mujaahid Mousudee - Actor

Aadil Ally Jhumka - Actor