The Heart Locker

DNR Studio
The Film is about a girl who has a symptom called Genophobia which she can't have sex with male. She is trying to fight with her symptom and as the film goes, it discovers her secret .

Behind the scenes of The Heart Locker

The script was written on last week, and rewrite one time.
The location is at Yuhua Yang's room and we use Blackmagic pocket cinema camera and the fence is Olympus 12 -40 f2.8. One 1k Arri and two 650w Arri light.
Most of the shots were using shoulder rig because the room is not big. There is limited space for us to shoot. With shoulder rig, we saved lots time on changing the angles.
The room has a big window on the wall, thus we put two lights outside of the window to mimic the sun. Also, we tried to create a light bean through blocking the light.


Boompole Pro

DNR Studio

Yuhua Yang - Producer/DP/Editor

Dong Lan - Director

Teng Zhao - Writer/Sound Mixer

Mengxiao Shao - 1st AD

Wei Xiao - Boomer

XIao Xu - 2ed Ac