The Band That Has No Name, Yet.

Ashley Pitman Productions
The Band That Has No Name, Yet. Is a documentary short that lifts the lid on an up and coming New Zealand metal band, to reveal the people behind the music.

Behind the scenes of The Band That Has No Name, Yet.

This short was put together over a two week period. In which I conducted four interviews with each band member, and two band practice's from which I gathered most of my footage. Editing took roughly eighteen hours, give or take with a few technical issues in Avid. I used a Canon 6D as my main body, an E-image pro video tripod, and an unbranded slider. Along with a Rode Shotgun mic for audio.

My lens selection varied from a Canon nifty-fifty and a Samyang 85 1.4. I wanted to stay as tight as possible to build more of an emotional connection between talent and viewer.

I wanted to keep my shots crisp and stable to give a visual contrast to the gritty music. The choice in music was to go with ambient music that aided in building emotion. It also sets the tone for the film, and plays for a great unexpected twist at the end when the real show begins.



Ashley Pitman Productions

Ashley Pitman - Director, Editor, Cinematographer

Ygnacio Cervio - BTS Editor

Blacksona - Composer

Osmose - Talent