Théophile Farant
This film focuses on a guy, Tef, who is a drug addict.
However, the problem is: he ain't got any money so he borrows from his dealers. Everything is cool until the day Tef has forgotten that he has to give back money to his dealers.

This short film is a part of a longer one, so don't hesitate to watch it (https://youtu.be/ZCefEk8NmAk)

Behind the scenes of Tef

I first wrote a scenarii and drew a storyboard (you can see in the Behind the Scene).

The shooting took us four days (because of the long version). Whe registered the video with a canon 700D and a 18-135 mm lens, and the sound with a rode VideoMicro (offered for the last year entry), a Rode Ntg1, a Rode micro boompole pro (also offered for the last year entry) and a Tascam dr 40.

The video editing took us about 60 hours:
-we used Sony Vegas Pro 13 and Adobe Premiere Pro for the mounting
-we used Adobe After effects for the special effects
-We used Adobe Premiere Pro for the color grading
-we just used Photoshop for the mains titles


Micro Boompole Pro

Théophile Farant

Antoine Larboni - Tef

Julien Louard - Justin

Daryl Kone - Tuco

Francesco Missaglia - The Boss

Olivier Nguyen - Behind the Scene

Antoine Clouet - Son

Martin Amiens - Figurant

Victor Bauer - Figurant