Inner Space

Two Flat Productions
A short film that deals with the ambitions of adolescence and the unbridled imagination of youth as we explore the cosmos.

Behind the scenes of Inner Space

We shot the piece in a small flat in Dublin over the course of two days.

We used a Canon 60D with a Carl Zeiss 50mm 1.4 lens to capture all the footage and a Zoom H5 coupled with a Røde NTG2 to record the foley.

We edited in FCPX and removed a logo from the radio shot within Photoshop CC. Audacity was used to distort the the recorded sounds. Files were stored on a 4TB G-Tech Drive.

We tried to create everything our self, so bar the launch voice and the music, everything was created by us.

All the planet shots were done in camera. We achieved this, by shooting with macro extension tubes, into the back of an old and very grimy Minolta lens. Then, on the other side of the lens we would place either a phone screen, gels or colours which would project an image through the lens. The circular shape, fungus and hazing of the lens lend to the creation of the planets.

We had lots of fun creating this and it took on a life of it's own, becoming a very organic free-flow project in the end.

Flann & Alfie.



Two Flat Productions

Alfie Hollingsworth - Co-Creator

Flann Manning - Co-Creator