Oh Different!

Paolillo Pictures
What does it mean to be different?
Oh Different! Follows a poetic take on the theme of being different driven by a reflective voice over and over exaggerated colours that paint a thousand words.

Behind the scenes of Oh Different!

The shooting of this short was slow and set over three weeks due to schooling commitments. A fixed vision drove the production of Oh Different! into a complete and satisfying result that attempts to use art to express the emotions of being different. Pre production focused a lot on my life and incorporating that into images that would appeal to the desired emotions. On set we used the Rode video mic, Rode deadcat and Rode boom pole accompanying the H4n Zoom. Achieving the artificial colouring in each image was completed through the use of colour lens filters. Shot predominantly around my neighbourhood, especially in my bathroom and also a 30min drive resulted in shooting out to a calm and quite beach that provided beautiful scenery.



Paolillo Pictures

Jordan Paolillo - Director, Writer, Cinematographer, Editor

Gianpaolo Ruggieri - Actor

Connor Fantasia-Serve - Sound