Forced Hand

Sonata 7 Studios, LLC.
What if you had no choice? What would you do?
Hooper is forced into a dangerous situation. Will he make it in time?

"Forced Hand" is the first short film by D.J. Soto.
Music in this video is used under license from the rights holder.

Behind the scenes of Forced Hand

*Filmed in Berks County, PA over three locations.
*Used Canon DSLR with L-Series lenses
*Used Rode Videomic for sound

We threw in a fight scene for fun. Overall, we are pleased without everything turned out considering it's our first short film ever.



Sonata 7 Studios, LLC.

D.J. Soto - Director/Camera/Editor

Paul Huxley - Writer

Filip Grcevski - Color

Kari Soto - Production Assistant/Make-Up

Brenna Soto - Production Assistant

Eric Burkert - Boom Pole Operator