You Promised

HM Productions
Quentin and Hazel were childhood best friend. But tragedy struck when Hazel had to leave to study overseas.Quentin who waits for her return with only one promise bonding them together...

Behind the scenes of You Promised

We chose to use the Rode Videomic Go as it is a very reliable microphone that needs no maintenance and no batteries are needed to power it. It also produces a very clear voice without much static noises.
For location, we used a park for the children scene as children usually hangout at parks as other locations are quite dangerous for them, moving on, we chose a cafe for the middle age scene as its quiet and easy to film without much worry about lighting. Last scene was a mix of a park, a shopping mall and a well lit room. we choose these locations as it was well lit and at some scenes we needed a crowded area.

For techniques used, we just shot at many angles then on post production, we choose which clip suited the video well as we did not have much time to film and plan.


VideoMic GO

HM Productions

Hong Han MIng - Director/Editor/Camera Man

Shaun Ting - Camera Man/Producer

Alexandria Goh - Script Writer

Heng Zi Quan - Script Writer