More Than Love

iNtertainment studios
A woman sits near a fire on a beach one night and reminisces on the events in her life that have molded her into the person who she is today. Broken and afraid, she faces a personal decision of whether or not to be vulnerable and open herself up to love again, and to pursue hope.

Behind the scenes of More Than Love

Take a quick look behind the scenes of the short film "More Than Love" to see what was done to bring this amazing story from the page to the screen. A big thanks to so many of the amazing places that were gracious enough to let us film like Bluetree cafe, Tomorrow Today Ultrasound, and the University of Hawaii at Manoa's Law School. Sound played a huge part in the film and also a big challenge. We used smartLavs for getting dialogue during the night beach scene, but we ended up needing to do ADR because the sound of the waves were too loud and distracting. To get clean audio for recording the dialogue, we build a makeshift sound booth out of blankets, that ended up being very effective.



iNtertainment studios

mitchel viernes - director

josiah simpson - writer