Elliott Diablo

Elliott Diablo is a student at the University of South Wales with a very... special job. Watch the short documentary following Elliott as he talks about the upsides of his job... and the downsides!

Behind the scenes of Elliott Diablo

Elliott Diablo is split into two distinct set-ups: the interview and the cut aways. Therefore, to make the two distinguishable to each other, we filmed with two different cameras: the BlackMagic Mini and three Canon DSLR’s in a multi-cam set-up, mounting a RØDE VideoMic onto two of the cameras.

Thanks to a bit of luck, we successfully secured all our locations, including the cafe, the interview room and the foyer either the day before or the day of our shoot. We also managed to film the entire film in just one day (with the exception of the ‘Mopp and Buket’ photo we took the next day after a creative brainwave the previous evening).

The project was then edited in Premiere Pro CC, with the exception of the voice over at the start being recorded on Logic Pro X. The lower third was created in After Effects CC, and the vast majority of the audio editing was performed in Audition CC. All colour grading was done inside of Premiere Pro CC using Red Giant Looks. The music track was purchased from AudioNetwork, and fit the feel and tone of the film perfectly.

All in all, this was a blast to make, so much so that we hope to make a longer version in the future.




Tom Large - Writor/Editor

Erin Stewart - Writer/Director

Lauren Brown - Producer

Connor Joseph Travis-Hunter - Director of Photography

Caroline Lie - Assistant Cinematographer

Benjamin Linehan - Assistant Cinematographer

Elliott Southern - Actor

Ryan Smith - Actor