Stella is a short film about a girl in a failing relationship. She chooses to due away with her troubles by killing her spouse by gun, and in the extended version sets the car on fire.

I hope you enjoy watching this as much as I enjoyed making it.

Behind the scenes of Stella

Production ran from 8pm until a little after 12am. We started filming in the parking lot of a motel, later moving to a gas station and ending in a field near by. The products i used were the Rode Blimp and DeadWombat. I did a lot of foley, but using a majority of sounds recorded during production (trunk/door slam, clothing movement, etc.) and some sound provided by Rode.




Shirod Greene - Director/Cinematographer/Editor

Deandra Clarke - Production Manager

John Patrom - Lighting

Ben White - BTS Photographer

Gabe - BTS Videographer