The War on Narcolepsy

Marc Reinecker
This is a short film to raise awareness on addiction and the war on drugs in America. The point behind it is that America started a war on drugs against a disease, which isn't the best solution. Addicts are treated as criminals, so why not treat everyone with any kind of issue as a criminal?

Behind the scenes of The War on Narcolepsy

Video was shot on an iPhone 6S with Rode Videomicro. Various footage was shot by myself. I collected footage locally in NJ and in TN. I captured some action from the air in a UH-60 Blackhawk. Everything was done by myself. This was my first film and first time editing video. I used Premiere Pro for editing and for the music. I had a ton of fun doing this and was up all night editing!



Marc Reinecker

Marc Reinecker - Producer/Director/Editor/Actor