Opening Night

Stephen Emerick
On the opening night of a theatre production, the lead actress enters the theatre, nervous and anxious, to find that someone has left her a bouquet of flowers and a note that reads, "GOOD LUCK." Thinking that her cast-mates are trying to sabotage her performance and get in her head, she has a comical breakdown moments before stepping on the stage.

Behind the scenes of Opening Night

We shot on a Canon DSLR with a RODE NTG2 Shotgun Mic attached via XLR cable to receive audio in camera. Primarily focused on creating a rich depth of field, we used Rokinon 35, 50, and 85mm lenses. *Audio pickups were done on the RODE iPhone app.

We shot this film at The Carriage House Arts Center in Norwalk, CT over the course of six hours one Friday night. With many of my filmmaker and actor-friends out of town or busy, this was shot with an amazing, barebones crew of 3 and a fiercely dedicated and funny cast of 6. I can't thank them enough for their help.

Focused on using Smash Cuts throughout the entire short film, I shot this in a very tight, centered way with minimal camera movement. The static shots allowed for a very weird editing process that I hope ultimately made the melodramatic acting shine very comedically in the end.



Stephen Emerick

Stephen Emerick - Writer/Director/Editor/DP/Producer

Rachel Schulte - Lead Actress/Producer

Zach Leeds - Lighting/AC

Marc Jarmutowski - BTS Videographer

Heather Abrado - Extra

Sara DeFelice - Extra

Victoria Clougher - Extra

Joey Sanzaro - Extra

Jess Rodi - Extra