Deadpool vs. Star Wars

K Dynamique
Before his movie comes out, Deadpool takes matters into his own hands to "beat" Star Wars in the Box Office.

Behind the scenes of Deadpool vs. Star Wars

Shot with the black magic 4k cinema and the a7s with L series canon, 50mm and 24-70mm. The shooting took 16 hours to film, from 6pm-10am, however with an awesome 3 man/woman crew we managed. We choreographed the original fight, but most importantly we enjoyed this so much and had a blast!



K Dynamique

Malik Bouabid - Director/Editor/Actor/Choreography

Siamak Samie - Actor/Choreography/Editor/Props

Kyril David - Director of Photography/Camera A

Nicolas Champagne - Actor/Choreography

Karla Garcia - Camera B

Marian Garcia - Sound

Brandon Mignacca - Voice Actor/Sound Design/Music