The Panama Papers Production Plan

Running Flame Pictures
Our man in Panama has only one job: find us the money for all our film productions. There is just money everywhere in Panama they say, so let's put it to good use and make that money reel!

Behind the scenes of The Panama Papers Production Plan

We shot in 1 busy morning with a Nikon D800 with a 50mm and an 85mm. We had a great cast who gave us perfectly timed looks, that made all the difference.
The location was created by Jan Pronk in the previous month and together with the news became the perfect scene for a hidden gem in Amsterdam. Because of all the work on the street we could not use any set noise so we had to Foley our way out. But it worked perfectly! Thanks to the ideas of Stakbabber Studio!



Running Flame Pictures

Henk Haselager - Creative Director

Jan Pronk - Creative Director

Annegien Haselager - Camera

Sebastiaan de Rooy - Gaffer

Rob van de Schootbrugge - Foley & Music

Bart Meyer - Our man in Panama

Jos Smit - The Money Man

Anwar Lachman - The Coffee Man

Ana Fortunato - The Casita Lady

Taco Cartel - Location in Amsterdam