Boss Fight

Cristian-Ionuț Necula
One day, a young man attends an interview for his first job ever. He lacks patience after waiting two hours. When he enters the employer's office, he realises that the man's face was familiar to him. Then, he recalls the happenings of the previous night when he had gone out with his friends. On his way home, our protagonist got involved in a fight with a drunk man who had been kicked out of a pub. Eventually, the young man comprehended why he recognised the employer.

Behind the scenes of Boss Fight

The entire short film was recorded on a mirrorless camera (Nikon 1 V1) with an adapter to the Sigma 18-35mm f1.8 lens. It was either mounted on a Manfrotto Video Tripod, a slider or a Wondlan SteadyCam. All the sound, including the voiceover, was recorded with a Rode VideoMic Pro.
The filming took place in 3 locations throughout 4 days: in the Old Town region of Ploiesti (street scene), in the best bistro in town, Doma (bar scene), and in a regular corporation office (office scene).
The story/script was based on a narrative composition which I had written as homework in 10th grade.
Edward Wright's visual comedy was used as inspiration for the techniques used, especially the Cornetto Trilogy; the antagonist even bears resemblance with one of the characters and there are similar shots in the short film.
The prop beer bottle was supposed to be sugar glass, but ended up being a real bottle with a custom-made label.


VideoMic Pro

Cristian-Ionuț Necula