Ocean Clark

Zack Sorenson
While in New York i had the chance to stop in and watch artist Ocean Clark work in his home studio. His methods, and his work inspired me to just film. I had no idea what i wanted to do, but i knew i wanted to capture the experience. That is the origin story of this piece i hope you enjoy it.

Behind the scenes of Ocean Clark

We were light on gear, as New York was simply a pit stop before embarking on our journey to Thailand. We had two DSLR's a Sony a7s and a Canon 5dmarkiii. We equipped both with Rode Go mics for all of our audio. We originally intended to Mic Ocean up and did technically, but we had issues with his mic, so all the audio came straight from the Rode Go. In regards to technique i'm rather new to film making. Once you see my youtube channel I'm sure you will notice that. I just wanted to capture this experience and try to share it to the best of my ability. Everything was edited in Adobe Premier.


VideoMic GO

Zack Sorenson

Zack Sorenson - Director/Videographer/Editor

Nate Morguelan - Videographer