3 amigos y 1 muerto

Bicicleta Casa Audiovisual
If a friend comes and tells you: hey, help me kill somebody; you gotta go.

This story follows 3 friends: Rebeca, Renato and Andres and their quest to get rid of Rebeca's ex boyfriend dead body.

Behind the scenes of 3 amigos y 1 muerto

This shortfilm was shot in 3 days. We had 3 major locations: a indoor, a car interior and a beach.

The beach scene was the more complex to shoot , because of the harsh weather, fog and the strong winds it was hard setup. Luckily we knew our gear. The Rode Blimp, our trusty NTG1 and 3 small videomics helped us out brilliantly. Because we could not afford a power generator we use led panels which are not only portable but so energy efficient. Our actors had fun with the sand and because the are in love with The Method acting, they dig the hole for our other actor. There was a funny moment when Rebeca's car (that we call Jaime) died because of the battery drain due it was used as a practical light.

The car scene was wonderful, our sound recordist Rebeca had so much fun rigging up the mics. The actors did a great ensamble shot so we didn't think we need to make cuts to get good pacing. The work they did was amazing!

The last scene we shoot was the interior. After all the job we had to do in the other two scenes, the interior was so chill and fun to shoot.

The song "Don't Kill Your Boyfriend" was made only for this shortfim. We thought it would be fun to be played on the radio while the 3 friends are getting ready to go the beach. It was written by our director and sound recordist and performed by Raul Figueroa, an amazing friend, singer and guitar player.


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Bicicleta Casa Audiovisual

Andrea A. Zavala Gibaja - Producer / Script

Daniel R. Chang Acat - Director / DoP

Renato Rojas del Aguila - Director of Photography / Actor

Mauricio Chichizola - Gaffer / Actor

Rebeca Venegas Gonzales - Recordist / Sound design

Lorena Romero Sialer - Production designer

Grace Cárdenas Cano - Editor / Motion Graphics

César Perez - Colorist

Stephanie Cárdenas Cano - Lettering

Raúl Figueroa Cuadros - Singer / Performer

Samanta Alva - Actress

Nicolás Vilallonga - Actor

Mónica Mendoza - Behind The Scenes Camera

Nani Carrizales - Make Up Artist