Inner Demons

Palmans Films & Moorrees Entertainment
A desperate man is on the verge of committing suicide. Only the voice of his deceased girlfriend resonating within him stops him from taking his life. She encourages him to fight his inner demons and live. Can he win that fight?

Behind the scenes of Inner Demons

Production: Palmans Films & Moorrees Entertainment
Directed: Zainal Palmans
Editor & Sound: Fians Moorrees
Written: Kalina Ninova

Wouter Wieringa
Emely Kip
Wim Veninga
Anne Meijer
Daan Bongers

Filmed in Groningen (The Netherlands)


DeadCat GO

Palmans Films & Moorrees Entertainment

Zainal Palmans - Director

Fians Moorrees - Editor & Sound

Kalina Ninova - Writer

Wouter Wieringa - Producer

Ismael Moorrees - Camera

Arjan Suurd - Camera