The Climb

This is a story of a man trying to overcome recent tragedy in his life. Setting aside his worst fear, this man does what it takes to let go of his regret.

Behind the scenes of The Climb

We shot this film in two days in two locations. The first location was Mt. Monadnock in Jaffery, New Hampshire. The second was in a local apartment building in Providence, RI. We shot on the panasonic GH4 and used the RODE NTG4 with the RODE WS7 wind screen for sound. We used a variety of lenses tagged along with the Metabones speed booster. We went for the handheld feel on the mountain to really try to make the viewer feel like they were there.



Ryan Butler - Director, Cinematographer, Editor

Chris Machado - BTS Cam, Production Assistant

Joesph Arcuri - Talent-"Climber"

Anthony Silva - Boom Operator, Sound Mixer

Sarah Michelle - Talent-"Significant Other"