Sindre and Tobias
This is a film about to guys who gonna camp in the woods, a friend of them calls and they asks if he wanna camp with them. He says Yes, and they are goping to meet each other but he dosent show up.
They thinks he just a bit late but… later on they finds out he acctually gone.
they finds him in a cabin dead or not?...

Behind the scenes of Haunted

The bts vid was accutualy longer until my camera got broken of a silly thing called memory stick problems.
We did not have many technical problems, but we had some problem with the mic. And we finds out that the battery is emty. (:
We made this film on Odderheisløyfen a nice place in Norway. We used a Røde NT3 studio mic



Sindre and Tobias

Sindre - Rick

Casper - Jason